Medford, Massachusetts

Dec 1 – Mea Mustone Email to the principals of the Medford Elementary Schools

Good Morning All, Hope all is well.  Currently, on the Facebook page, “Taking Action to Improve Medford Schools” <> parents are discussing STEM initiatives, including the partnerships with Tufts.  I'm asking what if any STEM programs you have in your elementary schools.  I include Ann Frenning Kossuth, President of the Medford Educational Fund, and Paul Ruseau, our newly elected school committee member, who has a special interest in STEM.  Thanks so much and have a great weekend! – Mea Quinn Mustone, Medford School Committee member

Definition and website for Tufts Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP)

Original post made by a parent on “Taking Action to Improve Medford Schools”

Tufts Office of Community Relations added 3 new photos. On Wednesday, Brittany Bowman, a senior at Tufts University, visited Mr. Hoyt's 8th grade chemistry class at Medford's McGlynn Middle School to teach kids about bacteria.

"I want to share this here to (1) show that some STEM initiatives are happening in the schools but (2) it's not even or consistent across schools. Why do some schools do this, others do not? How can we standardize these partnerships/equalize access?"


#1) Roberts Elementary - Principal Kirk Johnson

At the Roberts, we have Engineering in Elementary (EiE - .  This program was originally initiated through the collaboration of the Museum of Science and Tufts University.  Training in EiE continues with Tufts.  However, it is not offered every school year. 

Thank you –
Kirk Johnson 

#2) McGlynn Elementary - Principal Diane Guarino

Hi--Some of our teachers have taken EiE trainingand some years we have [Tufts] students come to grade 4 to do some chemistry experiments in the Spring. 

Diane Guarino

#3) Assistant School Superintendent Diane Caldwell


Some of our elementary teachers have participated in EIE training in the past and utilize it in their classrooms.  In fact, Mr. Cieri and I spoke with Museum of Science EIE staff this summer and hoped to provide professional development and materials to additional staff.  However, at this time we are piloting Science programs and our teachers are very busy attending professional development on the pilot programs.

Thank you. –

#4) Columbus Elementary - Principal Kathleen Kay


I do know that some of the Columbus teachers have taken advantage of the EiE offering.  We also have STOMP from Tufts that comes to the Columbus for the 4th grade and Mr. Plati, our 5th grade Science Teacher has set up a STEM center in his science room. It was described with photos and was posted on the Medford blog.

Kathy Kay 

#5) Brooks Elementary - Principal Suzanne Galusi


At the Brooks, our fourth and fifth grade classes also use STOMP.  We are piloting two programs this year (McGraw Hill and FOSS).  Our PTO also funds one enrichment science program for each grade each year.  Some of the programs involve engineering and STEM activities, like the windmill program from the Museum of Science.

Hope this information was helpful.


Suzanne B. Galusi
Brooks Elementary School
Medford Public Schools