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Universal Grant Application Form

UPDATE: MEF Grants are now awarded on a rolling basis -- with a preference for fall and spring semester.  In the past MEF Grants were awarded twice a year (grants for Fall Semester due May 31 and grants for Spring Semester due October 15). Now, out-of-cycle grants will also be considered.

After reading the application Guidelines and Rubric on the MEF Grants page, please complete and copy/email the following electronic application to and also send a hard (print) copy with signatures to: MEF Grant, 19 Park St., Medford, MA 02155.  Thank you!

Applicant Information

1. Submission Date

2. Title of Grant

3. Applicant(s)

4. School(s), Grade(s), Subject(s) (if applicable)

5. Contact Name (person MEF will contact with questions or information)

6. Contact Phone Number

7. Contact Email

Budget Information

8. Total Amount requested:

9. Budget Breakdown (Please give enough detail so reviewers can see how the money is going to be spent. Items listed here should also be described in question #13 in the context of how they will be used during the grant period).

10. Will you require a substitute teacher as part of this grant request? Note that funding must come from MPS for the substitute.

11. Will there be funding from other sources? If yes, please describe.

12. Has the project described in this grant been done before at the school? If yes, (a) please describe how this program was funded in the past and how the funding needs or sources have changed or (b) if it was funded by the MEF, will there be changes to the project from the previous grant cycle?  If so, please describe how the project will change.

Objectives, Innovation, Evaluation

13. Describe your grant request in 1 sentence.

14. What is the desired outcome?

15. Please describe specific activities, locations, resources and provide a timeline.  Please indicate whether the proposed activities will occur over 6 months or 12 months.

16. What is the innovation this grant supports?  If the program or similar program has existed at the school before, please describe what additional activities this grant will support or how the program will evolve as a result of this grant?

17. If the grant pertains to a specific class or grade, how does the proposal align with the class’ or grade’s curriculum? If the grant pertains to a school-wide program, how does the proposal align with school or District Goals [see PDF].

18. Who are the students who will benefit from this grant (class(es), grade(s), and/or school(s)?

19. How will you determine whether the project has successfully met your objectives? Describe specific means of evaluation.

19b. If your project was previously funded by MEF, what is your evidence that your project was successful?  Describe how you are incorporating what you learned from the previous grant cycle into the next iteration.

20. How will the knowledge gained in this grant be shared among colleagues?


Applicant's Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ____________

Principal/Headmaster/Department Head Signature: __________________________________

Date: ____________

If substitutes are required, Administrator must also sign below.

I understand that this grant requires substitutes for ____ days and that this time off is authorized and the Medford Public Schools will pay for these substitutes.

_____________________________________ Date: ____________