Medford Public School educators will apply for funds to support their innovative ideas for educational programs -- or projects not funded by the regular school budget.​

Medford, Massachusetts

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MEF funding occurs on a rolling basis, with applications encouraged for spring and fall. Please review the following guidelines and rubric before starting an application.


 What we fund

  • Teaching materials
  • Technology and classroom materials necessary to implement innovation (above and beyond routine supplies)
  • Training, conference, or class fees for scalable professional development for an immediate effect on the classroom.
  • Educational enrichment activities or guest speakers to support a school-wide project or program.
  • Resources for professional study
  • Grants that extend educational opportunities for Medford students that:
    • Encourage and inspire collaborative, creative participation and learning.
    • Lead to interdisciplinary projects and initiatives, 
    • (or serve as prototypes for larger-scale initiatives.)

What we do not fund

  • Routine classroom materials covered by the school budget
  • (e.g. textbooks, copiers, furniture, repairs, etc.)
  • Requests more typically funded by a school’s PTO, such as field trips.
  • Travel, salary-related stipends, and substitute teachers.